Discover White Feather VODKA

White Feather vodka is an original Polish vodka. Its preparation is based on
ancestral skill that has been used in Poland since the 15th century.

In accordance with Polish distillation traditions

“Vodka is part of the cultural heritage and the national history of Poland. We are proud to produce it and to claim its Origines.”


CEO White Feather Int.

In order to fully bring out all of its flavors, White Feather Vodka is created
through a process of single distillation. This vodka is in line with the ‘Super
Premium’ category of spirits. Charcoal filtration ensures a high-quality product.

The selection of ingredients

The main ingredients of White Feather Vodka are chosen carefully by our
suppliers in order to guarantee an exceptional product.

Crystal clear spring water, originating from the south-west of Poland, is our main material. Combined with winter wheat, it adds to the full-rounded flavor and subtlety of the finished product. Its degustation gradually reveals a lovely, rich aromatic mouthfeel.

The addition of grapes will be recognizable to all and a fine ’Grapevine flower’ note will not fail to transport you to the vineyards of origin.

Carefully made packaging

Every bottle comes in an elegant box, entirely made from fully recyclable
materials chosen for their small ecological footprint.

Tasting preferences

It is up to each individual to taste White Feather Vodka at their own discretion. For a complete tasting experience, however, we recommend that it be consumed pure, chilled and without ice.