Luxe Pack 2020 Technical Innovation Award

White Feather International is continually innovating with the development of a unique-to-the-market creation.

Unveiled for the first time during the Luxe Pack Monaco, White Feather Vodka has been developed with the intention of offering up a new angle to the pleasure of Spirit degustation.

It is said that it’s a high-quality reference that will undoubtedly unite all spirits enthusiasts.

White Feather Vodka has also initiated a new manufacturing method in the
production of glass to create a bottle that has been selected the winner of the Technical Innovation Award during the Luxe Pack of Monaco.

This is an incredibly complex project which has required several years of
development, sustained efforts by highly motivated teams and not less than
25.000 product tests, in order to gain the level of excellence for which we were awarded.

A true pioneer, our brand is the first to offer a new generation of bottles that are designed ergonomically to facilitate grip, as well as providing more rapid and uniform cooling.

A technical achievement as exemplified by the jury.

” The cavity in the body of the bottle is a technical feat of glassmaking that we rarely see in our industry. The rendering of the Lacquering is also of a very high quality, despite the challenge posed by the bottle’s shape. ”

Jury comments

By Luxe Packaging Insight

Given the end product, we are sure that our clientele will appreciate the new character of this vodka, which is the most sublime rendering of its constituent ingredients; a true work of Art.

Come and discover it for yourself …