The Global Spirits Masters Challenge x White Feather Vodka

Welcome to the world of White Feather,

Where quality and excellence are always the top priorities.

We proudly announce that we have earned another important medal at the 2021 World Vodka
Masters Competition organized by The Spirits Business, UK.

Competition was intense this year with 133 entries from 63 different companies from all over the
world. Being awarded is thus something very gratifying for every company.

Indeed, to get hold of a medal for a single entry and within a very competitive Masters Challenge is
a fantastic achievement for White Feather International!

Having already been awarded 8 times since its launch, the product continues to seduce its
consumers. In fact, you can have the most amazing bottle, but if the quality of the product fails to
meet expectations, the consumer will not buy it again.

All the ingredients used in White Feather Vodka are sourced from Poland, and we are committed to
produce an environmentally friendly and high-quality vodka.

Made with nature, our products are in line with the quality standards the brand has set for itself:
originality, exclusiveness and uniqueness.

In order to assert its quality, which is no longer a secret to anyone, the brand with the golden feather
has been able to affirm its market position in just one year.

We continue this way.